Whether its on the water, in the water, on the land, or in the air you will always see something on a trip on the 'Sula Mhor'. Where else would you see seals, dolphins, whales and llamas in the same hour. Yes even llamas can be seen from the boat, at the Craig Highland Rare Breeds Farm, below the magnificent Plockton Crags. And remember its free if there are no seals!

Just a small selection of Plockton's magnificent wildlife is shown in the pictures below. Click on an image to see a larger photo, and then click the arrow to see the next one!


The Common Seal, at home on the rocks around Plockton
The Heronry, on the island below Duncraig Castle
A heron in flight above Loch Carron
A flotilla of Eider Ducks head away from the Sula Mhor toward the Isle of Skye
A splash of colour beneath the waves
The elusive Eurasian Otter, occasionally seen from the boat on our trips
The seal pups are born in early June, making 'free trips' a rare occurence, thankfully!!
Cormorants and shags are frequently seen close to the boat
Where else could you see llamas on a trip to see the seals?
The bottlenose dolphin is an occasional visitor to Plockton, and a great sight!
A mother and her pup enjoy the June sunshine. Most of the pups are born in early June
There are believed to be over 350 seals resident in the Plockton area, but we haven't counted them!