Photo Gallery

'if you want to see a flipper, be  a seal-trip tripper!'

We are delighted that over the years so many people have sent us pictures of their  seal trips around Plockton and Loch Carron. There are too many to include on this page, but we are delighted to show a small selection here and hope that this will make up your mind to come and visit Plockton, and take a cruise with us on the 'Sula Mhor'. You'll take away memories that will last a lifetime.

And remember 'its free if there are no seals!'

Click on a picture to see a larger version, and then click the arrow to see the next one.

The 'Sula Mhor' awaits her passengers at the busy Main Pier, one of the two departure points
Departure from the pontoon, Harbour St.
The Captain welcomes an old friend aboard
Calum tells the story of the 'inflatable seals!'
One of the great views of Scotland. The Cuillin Hills, Isle of Skye from Loch Carron
"Seals off the starboard bow! We're in the money!"
Seal trip trippers enjoy the great views from the upper deck of the 'Sula Mhor'
"Go away Calum, we're having a sleep"
The 'Sula Mhor' returns from another seal trip
Strome Castle, an ancient fortress guarding the entrance to the narrows of Loch Carron
The seal pups are born during the month of June
'We're in the money!'